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Antwerp Art connects the most relevant actors in the Antwerp contemporary art scene: from established galleries and museums to upcoming initiatives. You can find the contemporary art agenda on our website, subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter, and follow us on social media. Antwerp Art publishes a yearly INDEX, to help you find your way in Antwerp’s contemporary art scene.

Antwerp as an epicentre for contemporary art

Conveniently situated between Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Cologne, Antwerp harbours a dynamic art scene with international radiation. Antwerp's typical feature is a distinct 'DIY' - do-it-yourself - attitude, in which perceived separations between the established art scene and upcoming initiatives dissolve. Out of this background, the Antwerp Art scene is in constant movement: new discoveries develop into artists or exhibition spaces of note, and often spread their wings far across the Belgian borders.



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Antwerp Art Weekend

Once a year all activities by our Antwerp Art members gain momentum by combining exciting programmes, talks, performances, book presentations, parties, openings, and many more events into our Antwerp Art Weekend.

Antwerp has its own international art scene: though a relatively small town, the harbour mentality builds a strong foundation for existing, and new generations of artists.

From january 29th until februari 1st 2015 the first Antwerp Art Weekend took place. You can see what happened by following #antwerpartweekend.




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Impression Weekend 2015

Spot het Weekend; gebruik #AntwerpArtWeekend!

Geplaatst door Antwerp Art op dinsdag 20 januari 2015